Outcomes.com showcased at UCSF Grand Rounds

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We’re proud to say that our platform was recently showcased at the UCSF Dermatology Grand Rounds as part of a presentation on N-of-1 clinical trials.

N-of-1 clinical trials are where two or more treatments are trialled in a single patient, multiple times in succession and with washout periods between treatments. This methodology is particularly suited to chronic conditions where there are multiple treatment possibilities. The treatments themselves ideally have little or no toxicity, with a short washout period and ideally the patient should be blinded of the treatment they are receiving.

A key part of being able to perform N-of-1 clinical trials is the ability to measure outcomes frequently throughout the treatment. Our platform was highlighted as a potential enabler of these kinds of trials, particularly in dermatology where the outcomes of greatest importance are patient-reported.

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