Our Mission

We believe in a world where patients receive outstanding care and achieve the best possible outcomes, where providers do their best work with the satisfaction and pay they deserve and where payers offer access to high-value care at affordable prices. Our mission is to help enable that future through technology that unlocks new approaches to hard problems.

Our first focus is to shed light on the healthcare outcomes that arguably matter most – those experienced by the patient. We’ve seen tremendous progress with increased transparency around key quality measures such as mortality and complication rates, with incentives for fewer readmissions and an emphasis on patient satisfaction. However, what these important measure miss is the patient’s perspective.

Take for example a hip replacement surgery. The primary reason these surgeries are performed is to bring about a meaningful and lasting improvement in the patient’s ability to walk, to alleviate their symptoms (eg. pain) and to enable them to go about their every day life. While we’d expect the patient to survive the operation, avoid complications, not be readmitted and be satisfied with the way they were treated, these expectations are table stakes. Beyond that, we need to begin focusing on how our treatments impact patients’ lives.

Understanding changes in symptoms and impact on patient lives is of course what clinicians have been doing for centuries when following up with patients. Our goal is to transform this data from a scribble in the notes into something that is collected in a systematic and longitudinal way that allows for learning, comparison, more informed decision-making and ultimately better patient outcomes.